Licensed to supply the Radio Frequency Application Specific Integrated Circuit (RF ASIC)

Melexis has an excellent reputation within the automotive industry for the supply of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC).

The licence with Transense was signed in November 2003 leading to a cost effective electronic solution for tyre pressure and torque applications. The RF ASIC is a critical component for the interrogation of Transense passive TPMS and Torque SAW sensors. Following the transfer of technical information, "first silicon" devices were produced by Melexis with extremely good results. Second silicon devices followed shortly after with significant performance improvements.

Numerous prototype tyre pressure and torque systems are currently under evaluation that contain the Melexis ASIC.

The industrialisation cycle continues with production intent parts available shortly.

  • Moving from discrete electronics to the RF ASIC was fundamental to achieving reliable and cost competitive torque and TPMS systems.
  • Melexis have met the technical and commercial requirements specified by Transense.
  • Fully functional ASICs are currently used in demonstration and prototype systems under customer evaluation.
  • Production parts are now available.

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