Transense Technologies is developing new instrumentation applications utilising its core wireless, passive Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) measurement technology with GE, a provider of products to the global Power and Water, Oil and Gas, Energy Management,Aviation, Healthcare, and Transportation industries. This development aligns the Transense SAW technology expertise with GE’s proficiency in large scale production and product delivery, to open up new global opportunities.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Transense and GE in May 2015. In June 2016 a non-exclusive licence agreement was signed for the use of Transense’s patented, wireless, passive Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology in certain specific torque application

Graham Storey, Transense Group CEO said: “Working with an industry leading developer of world-class technology applications is exactly the right platform for Transense’s SAW technology to enter the commercial environment. We look forward to working further with GE to strengthen their product offerings, bringing the benefits of our technology to the infrastructure markets GE serves”.